What does ARData do?

AR Data’s tool provides patented technology to enable copiers and printers to always report meters by utilizing a simple stick-on relay box to the back of any brand copier or printer, eliminating expensive, time-consuming manual Managed Print Service support that has been bogging down businesses for years. Simply put, no more non-reporting units.

  • Timely Delivery

    Always get your data on time, always ship your customer their toner and consumables on time, and always bill your customers on time, so that you get PAID on time!

  • Increased Uptime

    With a no-fuss install for your technicians, our solution acts as it’s own switch and has an easy-to-use web interface to register with your MPS software.

  • Higher Profitability

    Reduce expensive and labor-intensive MPS support with a truly automated data collection tool to help ensure your customer data stays live.


"The AR Data tools have changed our company and how we collect the meter and supply levels for our customers. All past solutions proved very unstable as customers would often replace their computers or windows would do updates and hang the unmonitored computers. My employees can now focus on fixing machines instead of getting data collection software running." - Mike McKenna, President at Atlas Reproduction and XESI Document Solutions

"The AR Data tools and their small footprint are the perfect solution we have been looking for. Since changing to AR Data the management of keeping the software from dropping offline has been minimal. This has been a huge cost savings and easily offset the cost of the machine. I would highly recommend these as the solution to running the data collection software." - Tommy McCrury, Managing Partner at Total Office Solutions of West Texas

"The AR Data tool has been a time saver for our operations team. [Other] data collection tools would quit reporting due to various reasons like the PC being turned off or IT turning off servers. That meant our devices would quit reporting. With AR Data, our devices have kept reporting with very limited issues."

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